Saturday, June 4, 2011

Something about remote control...

...really turns him on.

And he's not the only one. We just ordered our first toy from EdenFantasies and it's adorable. Seems he's also got a thing for cute shit, too, which I didn't realize was so tantalizing until, happened. So this bug is bright green, made of jelly, fitted with black straps and it's supposed to vibrate over my crotch. It's supposed to feel amazing, but most of all, he's clearly going to get off on it.

Which is really what sells it for me.


I've never had a vibrator before. I've never had anybody strap one to me and brandish the remote to turn it on and off. I've never had fantasies about strapping it on under jeans and going out to the movies only to anticipate the grin on his face when he flicks it on, trying too hard to look innocent. But I do now. On the subject of secret vibrators, his inspiration has also got me coveting this pair of pretty panties:

The Astrea 2

Sounds like a video game sequel, doesn't it? The Astrea 2: Exhibitionistic Tendencies. Not only will the black lace match everything else in my closet, but they conceal an especially well-reputed vibrator which is also, of course, remote-controlled for our pleasure. They're also ninety bucks. I know.

The longer I spend on that site, the more money I need and the faster I need it. There's a small mental basement in the back of my mind where these things I can't yet afford are put to tentative use, since only half of what I'm scrolling through is actually recognizable and the purpose readily apparent. A lot of this stuff I have absolutely no idea what to do with. An oblong plastic bullet shaped like modern art sculpture? And I stick that where? Oh, up my ass. Why didn't I think of that, sure.

But let's save the ass talk for another post. It'll get lengthy, especially since it's a longtime fascination ever since he said he wanted me.

Oh, dear, don't I feel dirty now.

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