Friday, June 3, 2011


Who knew an online sex shop could be so engrossing.

At the request of my lover-- and my own less-than-repentant whim-- I've decided to create a blog detailing accounts of our exploits from the perspective of a fresh, young, relatively uninitiated submissive. Yes, I suppose that's the correct term, though I'm quickly learning (and have been comforted by the fact) that the BDSM community's terminology is far from superficial. Ignorantly, I'd assumed only one dynamic of the sub/dom relation and considered myself nobody's bitch, thus confounding my understanding of the BDSM community as a whole and making a tangle of things in the process. However, I now stand happily corrected-- and perhaps, kneeling as well.

Leather rose floggers and stretcher bars and canes and whips and chains and buckled restraints and matching collars and pinwheels to fool nerves into believing they've been sliced, lacy pretty things and remote controlled vibrations, exhibitionism in subtle secrecy and the look on his face when he finds something new. Mmmn.

Can you tell I'm excited about these plans he keeps talking about? A calendar of dark delights. And to think, I'm trying to get a job with American Girl to make more money to fuel these rampant fantasies. Styling doll's hair for little girls in order to buy sex toys, can you imagine?

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Peeking into this rich community I wonder why it feels more right than wrong and whether it means what I hope it means-- that it fits and it's us and it's home, perhaps, this lifestyle which is so much more than just another way to fuck.

Suppose we'll find out, won't we?

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