Thursday, July 7, 2011


The perspective of us is shocking when truly appreciated. Everything we've been through together, everything we've lived together-- and apart-- is the stuff of fairytales.

This time last year we created our first home out of a dingy studio apartment, happy just to have someplace of our own to be.

This time two years ago we were sleeping on the streets of downtown making art to make a buck, dependent on the sympathy of strangers to keep our heads above water.

This time three years ago, we hadn't even met.

So much can change in so little time and yes, those little cogs grow wings before anybody can do anything about it. It's going by so fast. When I try to swallow the enormity of the distance traveled, I find that I can only squint and choke. It's too much at once, too hard to believe unless lived. If you told me then where I'd be now I know I wouldn't believe it.

We''ve come so far, haven't we. And it's only just beginning.

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